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Why You Likely Need Artisan's Insurance for Your Contractor Business...

There are too many contractor business owners (artisans) working with not enough insurance—or no insurance— to protect them if something goes wrong with their business.

Many of these contractors don't know enough about or understand artisan's insurance and why it's necessary for them to have it. Insurance in general can be a tough concept to grasp, especially with all the little nuances within insurance policies. Add to that the fact that business owners are constantly busy, either doing work that they've obtained, servicing customers, or working diligently to drum up new work.

Therefore what happens all too often is that important things like finding the right insurance coverage for business gets put on the back burner. However, that decision can be quickly regretted when an incident occurs and you need that insurance. One incident without insurance can absolutely and financially ruin a contractor.

So keeping that in mind, we wanted to give you...

Why You Need Artisan's Insurance to Fully Protect Your Business

There's Always a Chance That Someone Can Be Harmed By Your Work...

Let's face it, whether you're running a carpentry business, a janitorial service, or a tree trimming business...this is no office job. You conduct dangerous work and even though you take every possible caution, there's always the chance that someone could get hurt as a result of your work.

If they do, you're most definitely going to want liability insurance to cover you. Not having it could instantly put you in a position where you could lose everything. You could end up in total financial ruin from one simple mistake, and nobody should have to face financial ruin from one mistake.

Jobs Don't Always Go Perfectly and Smoothly...

While you very likely are a principled business owner who does each and every job as best as you can, never cutting corners, and ensuring that everything is done right before you leave... there are times when things don't go as planned despite your best precautions.

If something does go wrong with a product or service after you've finished the job, you might find yourself in the midst of a lawsuit from a disgruntled customer. Artisan's insurance can cover you for these types of jobs and save you from expensive lawsuits in the case that something unexpected happens at the job site.

So you've just been presented with some very good reasons that you should have artisans insurance if you own this type of business. Don't put the business that you've worked so hard to start and build at risk. Get fully covered and over all liable aspects of your business as soon as possible. Each and every minute is potential for disaster to strike, and wipe you out financially. With the proper artisan’s insurance set in place you can finally breathe easier and focus on what’s really important: your business and your customers!