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Every year, burglars steal more than
$4 billion worth of property.

You can make it a lot more difficult for them.



Make sure you have a high quality door.
Door security begins with the door itself and the frame it fits into. Weak door assemblies can be broken with a single kick, popped open with a jimmy bar or even pried out -- frame and all -- from the wall.

Install deadbolts.
Deadbolt locks provide the best protection for the least amount of money. Ordinary spring-operated locks can be defeated with a credit card.

Don’t forget windows.
Windows and sliding glass doors also should be secured.
Look for locks specifically made for different window styles
at your local hardware store or home center.

Sounding an Alarm.
For greater peace of mind, consider investing in a professionally installed alarm system.

Consider getting a dog.
Barking dogs attract the kind of attention a burglar doesn’t need.

Leave your radio or television on.

The sound of voices will send an intruder elsewhere.

Ask neighbors for help.
Have your neighbors collect your mail and newspapers while you’re away. You can also ask the post office and paper carrier to hold deliveries until you return.