The Hanover Fire & Casualty Advantage

Always There...

Helping people get the insurance coverage that they need. That’s what Hanover Fire & Casualty is all about. “Always There” … is not just a tagline, it’s our mission! A dedication to meeting the insurance needs of those who have nowhere else to turn.

At Hanover Fire & Casualty we offer valuable insurance coverage to landlords, renters, homeowners, or owners of seasonal or unoccupied dwellings, especially those individuals primarily located in urban markets, who come from lower- to middle-income households, who have not been able to secure the insurance coverage they need from the larger fire or homeowner’s insurance carriers.

While we have issued thousands of fire and casualty insurance policies since our inception over 100 years ago to cover dwellings of all shapes and sizes, there are few companies which can claim to provide our level of expertise in fulfilling the insurance needs of the non-standard niche.

Here to Help When Others Won’t

Hanover Fire & Casualty offers a portfolio of fire insurance solutions for owner-occupied, tenant occupied, renters, vacant and seasonal dwellings – at a fair and competitive price. And we have NEVER raised our rates. While other insurance companies shy away from the complexities of your insurance needs, often making if difficult, if not impossible for you to secure coverage, we welcome your business.

The Hanover Fire & Casualty Advantage:

  • We don’t use credit scores
  • Steady rates with no increases or surprises
  • No premium penalties
  • State-of-the-art administrative platform
  • No co-insurance provision
  • Unmatched level of service and dedication

We look forward to working with you to meet your fire and casualty insurance needs.